Welcome to the BAD PEOPLE PROJECT!


This project is to get a better idea of how children think about what is a bad person.

The goal of this project is to build security and safety awareness for children by understanding how a child sees the scarier part of the world. This will also allow children in other regions, other countries to explore the diverse aspects of childhood around the world by looking at each other's pictures.

We need your help! We need you to send us your submissions, license free to use by ISECOM, where you ask a child to draw what they think a bad person is or looks like. Do not help or influence the child at all. Have the child tell you who/what it is and include this and any relevant information with the submission. Also include:

Child's Name (optional)
Child's Age
Location / Region
Any relevant additional info

Please help us out by sending us (info-at-badpeopleproject-dot-org) a child's drawing either scanned in or taken with a digital photo. Thanks!

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